Fighting Chronos


Dieses Bild - Chronos und Juchnelda - erstellte ich am 03.09.2021 auf die Bitte meines Freundes Julian Fajer für sein Gedicht  :

Fighting Chronos (lucha contra Chronos ll)

And although in the absence ... He is usually a better person.

The unselfish...The unseen..The perfect being...The one In peace of The Resting memory.

So I dare !! I'm not scared.

It's time of not pretend. To the defend. To express myself. To break and destroy .

The wonders of the shy. Of the no respect.

So ?

Are you scared? Of my tiny self?

I'm the one...The disruptive self. The lonely walker...The moon stalker...

I'll shall tell you my name... I'm the warrior with the dragon blood.

The one that do not forget. The one that do not forgive.


So I ask : Who lose? You?

The eternal watchman. The old mighty Chronos!! The unbeatable and unbreakable.

The one who looks and judges. The big lier... The great seller of your mighty phrase...

"time is the healer"

You are the biggest charlatain, The big scammer , of our times. Your time is destruction .

It's chaos without commitment .. The one that they say cures everything.

he who is relentless .. The eternal. The healer. Honored by the treacherous. 

The unscrupulous. The same one that justifies the act. By just letting time.

Do you heal ? Or destroy ? You are just a Buffon on control.

And that is why I declare myself the winner. For been the fragile one.

The shameless Coward. The submissive. The finite. The constant. The lover.

The warm. The fanciful and fearful. The lonely one, without a path ...

He who cries when he loves.

The one who cries when he suffers. The one who measures his love. Infinitely.

In your fucking finite time. I'm the one that conquer. The dream catcher !!!

Of moments, of instants.

And I repeat!! No!!, I declare !!!! the one who win. is me.

The one who decides and leaves behind. It's me.

The one who feels. The one who cries. The one who bleeds

It is not the time that he heals. It is love that forgives.

Although in the end of my TIME I am the one who decides !!